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Our endorsement is for any individual or organisation that provides the appropriate development and skills in adult social care for anyone involved in delivering care and support.

Closure of Ƶ Endorsement 

Within the next few months, the Department of Health and Social Care will be launching their new Targeted Upskilling Fund and an accompanying endorsement process for learning providers.

With this in mind we have taken the decision to close the Ƶ Endorsement Programme with immediate effect to new applications and endorsed learning providers wishing to renew their endorsement. This will support the sector’s transition to the new arrangements and reduce any confusion.

Endorsed providers range from individual trainers, small training companies and colleges to local authorities, universities and large care providers delivering training internally.  

We've developed our easy-to-use online endorsement portal allowing you to work through your application at your own pace and at a time to suit you.

Organisations who have been endorsed for 1 or more years, and who are able to demonstrate exemplary practices throughout their application, including the impact that their training has on the quality of care offered, will be able to request that we consider them for the additional honour of 'Centre of Excellence' status.


Application routes

There are four different application routes to endorsement depending on the type of learning provider you are. Apply using the route that best describes your organisation.

  1. Learning provider on the Register of Apprenticeship Training Providers (RoATP)
    For those listed on the RoATP and are currently delivering apprenticeships in Adult Social Care.
  2. Learning provider approved with an awarding organisation
    For those not listed on the RoATP but are approved with an awarding organisation and are currently delivering qualifications in Adult Social Care.
  3. Independent learning provider with two or more staff
    For those that have two or more members of staff and aren't listed on the RoATP, or a learning provider approved with an awarding organisation.
  4. Individual learning provider and/or consultant
    For an individual or consultant and aren't listed on the RoATP or, or a learning provider approved with an awarding organisation.



  • Organisation on Register of Apprenticeship Training Providers (RoATP): £500 +VAT
  • Organisation attached to an awarding organisation: £750 +VAT
  • Independent training organisation with two or more staff members: £1,000 +VAT
  • Individual/consultant: £500 +VAT



Log in to your Ƶ account to acces the Ƶ endorsement portal (select the endorsement button on the dashboard to begin your application) create your Ƶ account. Please note: all new endorsement applications that are not completed within 90 days of starting the application will be deleted. 



The endorsement application is made up of multiple sections as listed below. For each section you will be required to provide statements demonstrating how you meet the requirements with supported evidence.Your application route will determine the information that is required.

Below is an overview of the information to be provided for your endorsement application. 

  • Section 1: Organisation details - Povide details about your organisation including type of training you deliver, delivery methods you offer and the values and visions of your organisation. You will need to upload statements from other individuals such as a staff member (if applicable), a learner who has engaged in your training and an employer who has commissioned you.

For the following sections you'll be required to write a statement detailing how you meet the specified criteria and provide between one and three pieces of evidence to support your statement:

  • Section 2: Engagement - Demonstrate how, through adult social care sector engagement, your organisation ensures your learning and development offer meets the current needs of the adult social care workforce
  • Section 3: Quality assurance - Provide evidence to show how you implement and embed quality assurance to improve your learning and development offer to the adult social care workforce. Demonstrate the impact your training has had within this section through evaluations, quotes, case studies etc provided by learners who have accessed your training.
  • Section 4: Staff development - Evidence how you retain and develop staff (including consultants and associates) to ensure that they have the right skills to deliver learning and development to the adult social care workforce and how they continue to develop these skills for the adult social care sector.
  • Section 5: Working with learners - Demonstrate how the needs of learners and their organisations are met.
  • Section 6: Programme content and design - Only relevant if you're offering eLearning or virtual delivery methods. Evidence how you ensure that the programmes you design are fit for purpose for the adult social care workforce, and how you account for learner needs when using virtual delivery methods.
  • Check, declaration, payment and submit – Revoew your application before submitting. Read and confirm the declaration, code of conduct and privacy statement. Select your payment option (card or invoice) and submit. 

Your application will be reviewed within one month. Additional information may be required to support your application and we'll work with you to ensure the required information is supplied. You will be notified of your newly endorsed status once you have met the criteria. Your organisation will appear within our endorsed learning provider directory and you can start to enjoy the benefits of becoming endorsed.

Download the endorsement privacy policy.




Renew your endorsement online annually. You will receive an email one month before your renewal date.  

Provide an update to your statements and current evidence to demonstrate your practice against each of the sections as detailed above under What information will I need to provide.

Cost: £300 +VAT.